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Everyone knows that not all supplements and vitamins we get from the market are all 100% free from harmful substances. On the contrary, that is not what we want to.
Our company, Labdoor, is an independent company that deals with the testing of various supplements. We examine and test every single piece of it whether toxic and harmful or appropriate for consumption. Grading and ranking of the products, making reports, and writing and publishing of relevant information are what we always want so consumers can buy our products confidently that best supplement their health.

How does DownSizeFitness perfom testing of products?

We gather and buy certain products online or in off-retail shelves. Then each product will be further analyzed thoroughly to FDA-registered laboratories that eventually provide us detail about the chemical analysis results. Active ingredients and potential contaminants are determined and accurate measurements.

How does DownSizeFitness grade products?

The grade will be best defined by the calculated quality score based on the label claims and analysis results. The grade of the quality scores consists of Purity of the Product, Nutrition Value, Ingredient Safety, Individual scores for Label Accuracy, and project efficacy.

Are companies allowed to challenge DownSizeFitness tests results?

Of course, we entertain companies for their concerns specifically to science-based conversations. If you would like to know more about a certain product review or have relevant information that supports a claim of a product, kindly reach us as [email protected].

How often does DownSizeFitness test products?

We are always pursuing to increase at least one category f a new product to our site monthly. Updating the old and existing categories at least once every 24 months is also our goal.

How does DownSizeFitness decide what products to test?

First and foremost, we do prioritization of new product categories depending on the count of customers following each of our upcoming rankings. Secondly, based on market research of popular supplements we select products then the recording of customers' suggestions to specific products we receive. If you ever want to request testing for a product, just send us an email to [email protected]

Is DownSizeFitness a non-profit or for-profit organization?

Downsizefitness is a for-profit company and is driven by a mission to serve our customers. It is our pleasure to help every customer and to enlighten their minds and build a better understanding of our products they entrust their health with. As an organization driven with the mission, it is in our belief that, we, a for-profit model built, for consumers help us best attain this goal.

Is DownSizeFitness an independent organization?

Downsizefitness is indeed an independent organization, supported financially by the income from our website and by several investments of groups.

How does DownSizeFitness make money?

There are two ways on how we earn and get money. First, by commission or by receiving a portion of every money spent by our beloved customers who bought products from the site of ours. And lastly, by earning from the testing service we offer to various companies that needed product quality independent validation.

Why does DownSizeFitness sell products? How does it stay unbiased?

The established business model of Downsizefitness aligns our goal and interest with the customers that enable us to provide free service to you. Whenever possible, we always do adding "Buy it now" links to products on the site not considering the grade so that customers will have the chance to maximize their purchasing option. About more than 15 million customers of ours have purchased products to our site, helping the testing of plenty of new products.

Does DownSizeFitness provide professional medical advice?

No. Our company is not built to be the one who will perform such matters and or as an alternative for professional medical advice from licensed health practitioners. Keep reaching out to your doctor for any concerns and questions regarding certain products, treatments, or even diagnoses.

Still have questions?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you may ask your concerns. You can also message us at [email protected] or just message directly here.