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Harness the power of a full chemistry lab to make decisions with ease.

Sell DownSizeFitness Certifications with confidence

DownSizeFitness Certifications has proven to have products that absolutely meets the highest quality standards. As a result, thousands people that fully trust DownSizeFitness’s supplement testing, will be able to find new products since it’s featured on the website.


So if you have new products that are certified at DownSizeFitness, you will easily be recognized with your products as it’s reached the quality standards needed at DownSizeFitness.


Come and get your products at DownSizeFitness.com.

There are numerous advantages in certifying with DownSizeFitness. One, you get recognized with a logo on a product label. Second, you get to have a DownSizeFitness Certification which is the only certification that is optimized precisely for online marketing.


DownSizeFitness Certified companies are granted access to Labdoor.com and this will enable them to organize a personalized company profile. Unlike other companies like the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) or Underwriters Laboratories (NL).


And this will help feature all the products that were carefully examined by Labdoor.


DownSizeFitness Certified companies don’t just get to customize their company profile, but also get to feature their products at its own page on DownSizeFitness.com. Which allows freedom to include important details on that specific product.


Important details on a product would include all certifications it has obtained, recently dated testing data, and accessible links on where you can buy the product.


By constructing these personal profiles and pages, not only would this make it popular on search engines and social networks but also make it accessible for anyone who wants to know more about your company and products you sell.


As mentioned, there are numerous advantages to being certified at DownSizeFitness. By examining closely and comparing other companies like the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), it’s clear that DownSizeFitness has more company benefits.


Certifications you can avail

Tested for sport

There are products that can help athletes, who are currently testing safe substances and once you introduce them to your products well and earn their trust, they would see your products as safe to consume.


Tested for purity

This will be able to allow more control and prevent recalls with any ongoing tests especially for detecting heavy metals, pathogens, residual solvents, and more.


Tested for accuracy

Prove and validate the claims of the label of your products as it is on the process of examining every ingredient found in your product formulation.


Certification Standards

To make sure that each product meets DownSizeFitness standards, DownSizeFitness checks the quality of the product samples by performing analytical chemical and microbiological testing.


The first task of a product is to pass all qualification standards that are required for a certain certification program. This will then result in receiving the DownSizeFitness certification.


However, there are requirements for each certification that should be examined at Labdoor and it’s highly recommended to read here at DownSizeFitness Certification Standards.


Other Testing Services

If you’re looking for alternative products or ingredients to use, DownSizeFitness offers its custom testing services as a way to examine the product you wish to formulate.


By using DownSizeFitness’s testing services, you get to be guided with their expertise on how to develop your product and attain the quality standards.