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Label Accuracy

Company's Label Accuracy score is determined by the measurement of the product's level of active ingredients versus its label claims.

All of our products' measure active ingredient levels should meet or match their claim values, if not, it will be penalized. The penalties are doubled in terms of the severity of a certain product that has less than what people claim compared if they have more. Way back 2018, we have decided to apply the rounding rules of scoring, therefore, if rounded results do not attain the required or do not match to the claims of the products, the penalties will be given depending on the deviation between claims and unrounded measure values. In multi-ingredient products, a final Label Accuracy score will be determined by the scores for individual nutrients that are combined.
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Product Purity

Downsizefitness Product Purity score is related to the product's contaminant levels

Most of the company's supplement categories, assessments of default purity incorporate heavy metal assays. We perform additional or alternative screening depending on the specific category. As much as possible, we always compare our laboratory results to the guidelines of health organizations expounding the least in terms of the level of these contaminants with possible consequences to the health of humans. The incorporates proposed and established Maximum Dose Allowable Level (MADLs) and No Significant Risk Levels (NSRLs), from Reference Doses (RfDs), California's Pro 65 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and Minimal Risk Level (MRLs) from the United States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. The said procedure was acquired for the company's more recent categories.
It is stated by California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment that "Proposition 65's purpose is to let customers know that they are being exposed to substances evident to trigger and cause cancer and/or entails toxicity to reproductive. Customers always have the freedom to think of what they want to purchase or utilize the product. A warning of Proposition 65 is not directly emphasizing that a product violates any product-safety standards or requirements"

For more information, just go to:

  • US EPA
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Nutritional Value

The Nutritional Value score of Downsizefitness’s has to do with the levels of a product's macronutrients and other supporting minerals.

Recommendations were established by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies for daily intake and is stated that "Dietary Reference Intakes has to be determined, the products are penalized and rewarded according to how they match up or exceed."
Macronutrients that were assessed do not restrict protein, fat, calories, sodium, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and sugar. A product should not contain unnecessary substances rather than supporting minerals, levels can be compared to DRIs and turned into the product's Final Nutritional score. The will be an evaluation of peer-reviewed research to know the significant threshold if and only DRIs are not applicable.

For more information, just go to:

  • US NIH
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Ingredient Safety

Downsizefitness’s Ingredient Safety score is determined based on the product's: 1) active ingredients at unsafe levels and/or 2) additives with potential health risk

Products are subject to a penalty if the active ingredient levels turn high and/or increase established Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs). The Tolerable Upper Intake Levels is defined by the national institute of Health (NIH) as "in the general population, having the highest level of nutrient intake will likely come up with no significant health risks in most individuals. The risk of the adverse effect is directly related to the intake above the UL. Inclusion of other applied threshold like No-Observed-Adverse-Effect Levels (NOAELs), Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs), or values derived from an evaluation of peer-reviewed research take place when ULs have not been established.
The additives that can be found in each product are also tested to determine the potential effect on humans. All the ingredients have assigned weights primarily based on FDA "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS) status, research surrounding their safety, and severity of their possible risks. Furthermore, related penalties will soon be applied to the final Ingredients Safety score.

For more information, just go to:

  • US NIH
  • Dorato MA & Engelhardt JA. (2005)
  • US FDA
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Projected Efficacy

The Projected Efficacy score of each product of Downsizefitness’s is based on the product's active ingredients, their levels, and specific biochemical properties.

Each product is assessed given the number of active ingredients. The body of an individual is to examine and be observed on how it will react accordingly. The bioavailability of each ingredient's form like zinc oxide vs. zinc citrate, their concentration (e.g. EPA and DHA in fish oil), their pharmacology (PK) profiles, and the combination with certain ingredients in the products are all the factors that attributed in the latter. Bioavailability simply measures the percentage of dosage in nutrients that eventually reach in bloodstream., and PK profiles are emphasized to be the measure of absorption and distribution capability of a substance. The final Efficacy score is generated through the means of combining the scores for Individual active ingredients.
Since the method of research and research itself develops, we, Downsizefitness adopt new techniques such as testing and scoring methods to give assurance that our information in on the trend. We are also doing some re-testing of old or existing products and conduct a test for nee ones, mostly done regularly. Nonetheless, we are always into maintaining our product data, scoring algorithms, and rankings at any time. Updates can all be found here.