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Flask icon We Test. You Decide.

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We choose the items we want to check.

If we receive direct feedback from customers, we pick products based on market analysis of common supplements plus a count of votes for specific products.

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We buy certain items.

As ordinary customers, we purchase goods from online stores based in USA and offshore. For rating or ranking purposes, DownSizeFitness does not allow samples from manufacturers.

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We collect the data for evaluation.

Analytical chemistry assays are performed in an FDA-registered laboratory on samples of each drug. Standard tests include active component measurements and possible pollutants.

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We turn the stats into ratings.

Using test findings and label statements for each commodity we determine a Value Rating. Quality ratings include individual scores for Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Safety of the Ingredient, and Expected Efficacy.

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We generate standings.

Products are rated by overall quality and value through a combination of quality and price ratings.

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We are reporting our findings.

We post comprehensive reports that explain exactly what we find in our reviews and provide you with this information and our rankings for free.