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Methyldihydroboldenone PROFILE


Methyl-1-testosterone (methyldihydroboldenone) is an oral anabolic steroid got from dihydrotestosterone. It is nearest in structure to 1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone), contrasting just by the expansion of c-17 alkylation (which changes the action of this steroid extensively). MIT for short, this specialist can be taken a gander at as an amalgamation of Primobolan, Winstrol, and trenbolone.

It has the essential 1-ene structure of Primobolan, the bioavailability of a methylated oral steroid like Winstrol, and the high power of a solid manufactured anabolic and androgenic operator like trenbolone. In view of standard examines, the power of methyl-1-testosterone really surpasses that of each remedy anabolic steroid at present sold. It is well known among weight lifters as a, building operator, with a capacity to advance fast gains in muscle size and quality, which are frequently joined by some degree of water or fat maintenance.

How Methyldihydroboldenone is used (dosages and administration)

For constitution or performance-upgrading purposes, a common effective oral every day dose will be in the scope of 5-10 mg, taken for no longer than 4 a month and a half. A dose of 20 mg is in some cases utilized, in spite of the fact that this improves the probability for reactions. Numerous clients feel they are ideally serviced by not surpassing a 10 mg day by day dose, and rather stack it with an injectable like testosterone cypionate (200-400 mg for every week) when a more grounded effect is required. This may diminish liver harmfulness contrasted with a higher dose of MIT, and furthermore give a more adjusted cycle as far as anabolic versus androgenic effect.

A typical protest when MIT is taken alone is laziness, which might be expected, partially, to its low androgenic or estrogenic segment. Stacking it with an aromatizable androgen like testosterone will for the most part reduce this issue. Note that while a little level of clients surpass 20 mg for each day, it ought to be recollected that even this is a genuine dose for a strong steroid like this, and isn’t to be messed with, either for its effectiveness or poisonousness. Like Anadrol/methyl-1-testosterone isn’t really a benevolent steroid, however it is certainly an effective one.
This operator isn’t suggested for women for physical make-up or performance-upgrading purposes because of its high intensity and propensity to create virilizing reactions.